Autogram History

The president of a packaging company in Sherman, Texas, Ernie Ankele and his wife DeLores started Autogram as a division of Day Manufacturing Company. Their product was the manufacturing of "high-tech" relay logic automation systems. After a couple of years this arrangement changed and Autogram became a stand-alone independent company.

The Console Manufacturing Business

How did Autogram get into the console manufacturing business? John Hearle, Broadcast Group Manager at Collins Radio, approached Autogram with the idea of designing a new console line for Collins. The offer was accepted with a contract for 25 units, an audio expert hired, knowledge pooled, and the (Instant Custom) IC-10 and IC-6 emerged. During the interim, Collins sold to Rockwell International. Rockwell completely copied all manufacturing information on the IC-10 and IC-6 series and hired another company to manufacture it. There was no way for Autogram Corporation to head into court against Rockwell's battery of staff lawyers. Autogram continued to manufacture and market the IC-10 and IC-6 series. It didn't take long for console buyers to ask if it was worth $1,200 more to have the Collins/Rockwell logo on the console rather than the Autogram logo. Rockwell's contracted-manufacturer went broke and returned manufacturing to the home Rockwell facilities. Shortly after, IC-10 and IC-6 manufacturing at Rockwell ceased and "Little Autogram" had defeated "Big Rockwell" at its own game!

Over 2500 IC-10s and little brothers (AC-6 and AC-8) are still in operation. Autogram still make them. Updated plug-in modules allow these older consoles to be brought up to current standards. They are standing beside our other current console series, the RTV, Pacemaker and Mini Mix.

Autogram becomes Autogram/CRL

In 2016 Autogram joined forces CRL to become Autogram/CRL. The agreement with CRL further expands Autogram's already extensive product line of broadcast equipment sold to both on-air and internet radio stations, in addition to television stations around the world.


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